Stickam Teen Fuck With Lttle Dog (part 4)

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  • 2022-09-01 05:06:21 Rocco:

    One day I shouted you retreat my missus or girlfriend of the time at a real beautiful smelling p**** and she wouldn't wear her panties for about 4 days straight and she was from in the wash basket I had a thought one morning I took him to work with me I covered in the middle of the whole like I made a miraculous and they smelled her p**** p**** was all real dirty anymore the chain all the way down to me he would run in front of me to the office and sudden weight with his cock out this time you smelled me all the way down something's different and into the office and shut the door he looked at me he didn't know what was happening and you smell I pull down my pants 20 sposa pantea started to see if he was so horny I loved you love disability p**** a little short little tiny little skirt on as well she's to wear sometimes when you have sex a bent over them he was crazed with smelly p**** he jumped up here and his cock straight into me and you fuk me by the way I loved it so did he our study dressing up we be my girlfriend's dirty panties & lingerie it was great he loves it he was a real horny great dog we had so many years of great sex we even had a double ones a friend of friends person only business thought his dog down why they went away for the weekend now had two male dogs when was the rock wheeler it was German Shepherd I thought that fight potatoes came in that was almost like Rex talking into the office something happened to my surprise a shut the door a stripped off I walked over to the normal spot when I get on my hands in these walked over and Saturn Lott electric rock wheeler funny he watched rock fila f****** that rock wheeler f****** so hard I know what we're at finished I was in your love big cock started to lick my f****** whole after that regulate finished with me and now weeks ago they don't fuk me an hour's I could s*** a lucky you turn Sammy one-on-one off while what a night

  • 2021-08-04 10:42:22 Lamberger :

    When you look properly like I s Aw a preoccupi Ed girl. Well what's up. It's your dog she w As sweating on edge. Will you let him take me now right now.. In a flash her banns were read out with my highly trained hound great joy. I asked what 8s your job. I am police dog handler. Wow. That's when I got get out of jail free Moment.

  • 2019-10-06 09:39:41 Michael :

    O fuck I just shot up my cock hard

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