Just Cant Get Enough (part 3)

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  • 2022-09-01 05:00:13 Rocco:

    A big Shepherd f****** me for a year one night I got so kinky I got underneath him jerking shut my eyes they sell you put my mouth towards his cock when I felt it I opened my mouth and letting put it inside my coffee and squishy balls I followed it down and I liked it exciting me so much I suck your balls try and he loved it now sometimes I wish sucking before f****** he was a great dog gentle he knew what you wanted and what I wanted I sit back and it suck my cock for me he did it suck it old god sometimes you just wanted and I would squirted into his mouth and he would lick it all up onto the floor and it looked it up then I started pissing as well you drink my piss I had 7 years old kinky sex with his dog all day was on a chain and I wouldn't use a security dog I would let him out of the end of the day when everyone has gone home it was my job to feed him I was feeding my fucken hole 4 years everyday you fuk me every night we become really in tune with what we wanted I can't sometimes I sit in the toilet when I let him off to chain he was walking I have a hard-on cystic me on the toilet and then I pissed all over my stomach and he took it off and then I walk around into the office run around 7 wait for me as I walk through at office with a big hard of as I shut the door in yours time I walk overhead wait patiently I get on my hands need and come around behind me grab me Elwood God is Cocking and he was gohel to leather and fill me was come in you didn't like that not so you would get out after you squirted himself it was awesome and now he walk around the other end and make me sucking sometimes horny f***** it was awesome we had some great fun weather

  • 2022-06-11 23:24:39 Rick:

    I love wanking dogs cocks I like it when you rock fucken hard it comes out of that fucken she even start squirting come everywhere lovely can dogs I went dogs 4 hours at Chisholm love it another hard dog cock f*** you fucken squirting come and then you just fucken line it up and let him Ramage straight up Young lovers season 4 hours and they go berserk

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